Back to the 80s: Interview with Gilbert Gabriel of The Dream Academy – Kickin’ it Old School

In a candid interview with “Back to the 80′s” Gilbert talks about the origins of Dream Academy as well as their journey through the three albums and what happened post-DA. Read the full interview on this link.

The Morning Lasted All Day—A Retrospective

The remastered 24-track double CD features the unreleased songs “Living in a War” and “The Chosen Few” (both with David Gilmour of Pink Floyd on Guitar), and “The Last Day of the War”. Release 29th July. Read this article from Real Gone Music.

Dream Academy Release and Tour

Double CD albums of  The Dream Academy best material   is being released worldwide in July 2014.  This will be followed by a  new single and possible live  dates (to be confirmed).

Songs and Score for New Movie

Gilbert has just finished writing the score and songs for an independent  ’comedy feature’  which distributers  think  could become  a cult movie. Release date September 2014.

New instrumental project in Poland

Gilbert is currently working on a feature film and two independent shorts as well as collaborating on new material with a new songwriter he has just discovered.

New instrumental project in Poland

This new instrumental project from Krakow, Poland features Kroke’s violinist and viola player, Kukush (who has also worked with Nigel [...]

Chapel of Dreams

Listen in the player above, to some of the fantastic music from the project made in collaboration with the producer Youth, Verve and Gorrilaz guitarist Simon Tong and Drummer and Engineer David Nock.
Basia Goodwin’s beautiful vocals front this classic Velvet Underground and Nico inspired sumptuous debut.

Now available to download from amazon and iTunes.

New Dream Academy Facebook Page

We’ve set up a new New Dream Academy Facebook Fanpage so we can keep in touch and let you know of any new developments.

Click the image below to be directed to the site.